GGGE2153 Educational technology Edutechnovation Day Report

Here it is!!!!! it’s finally here!!!!! the day we have all been waiting for! oh em gee..

the day for us to show off our effort for almost a month to others! this is the time! Edutechnovation day! We have been preparing for this day for almost a week and hoping that it will flow as smooth as it can. of course, i needed to give a speech in this event since i am the leader, though i am not really good in speaking, still i tried my best and to be frank, i look kinda good that day. You dont believe me?


well here is the prove!


right there! haaaa good lookin right? weel yeah.. i know. but anyway, today, we want to show two new things!

our updated posters and final video! let me start with the posters first since it is super cool and awesome!


cool isnt it? i know! just see us! no2, just see me! oh gosh, too handsome to resist! okay im kidding, but still… u know it  :3

thanks to my teammate Azroy for helping me designing this poster. he is really good with photoshop you know.

And now! here it is!!! Our Final Video!!!

watch it! and u’ll be mesmerized!

Anyway, we were bit dissapointed since we only managed to get 2nd place. But still, Dr said that we were the best among the best and that really made my day! Done with the talking, let us see some ogf the pictures for that lovely day!

984158_763089733726534_5815395563125944082_n 1458590_763089960393178_2345753281770366564_n 1509058_763101430392031_3854530121788811930_n 1509066_763092553726252_4094340859316166862_n 1901288_763089633726544_4491363488857450775_n 1901782_763089200393254_4353337039251048199_n 1981808_763098457058995_7606363679354402336_n 10167927_763096133725894_3391268591126962354_n 10256907_763096320392542_3901507605670439836_n 10354873_763088870393287_602238802987315041_n 10404066_763089757059865_2113164850404711164_n 10404384_763098140392360_8738413669531525262_n 10407675_763089370393237_3480617486316661958_n 10409389_763088927059948_7710442966961498135_n 10469185_763097937059047_1983259512809745299_n 10514648_763089163726591_7100099676157866885_n 10514648_763089877059853_7444363746148493144_n 10686699_763089583726549_8015730429314565899_n 10801680_763088850393289_8097862137908644520_n 10806348_763096097059231_5810960674361823641_n 10850026_763099983725509_4285373195170442078_n 10857848_763101490392025_3244627209347094134_n 10858581_763096440392530_7722412137789152755_n 10868053_763088683726639_3686676927569866590_n 10868153_763089697059871_247506819123481576_n 10881550_763089050393269_7870784874307132998_n 10881586_763088560393318_309427813590786596_n 10881777_763096257059215_8080347507454072651_n 10882141_763089010393273_8629357794128839653_n 10882171_763099503725557_7815750345475297548_n 10882216_763089667059874_7556984852368707995_n 10882253_763089400393234_2862619138197079098_n

Insyallah, this will not be the last time we meet. i really hope we can meet again where i will be your student and you will be my dearest lecturer Dr. Rosseni. I apologize for every single mistakes that i have done through out this course. If i ever hurt you in any way, only Allah knows how sorry i am. You are indeed the nicest lecturer i have met throughout my three semesters here as a teslian. I will pray for you always insyallah just like how you pray for us in your solat Dr. May Allah grants you jannah for all the noble effort that you have put for our class 🙂


GGGE2153 Educational Technology week 15

Well, for this week, we were needed to go to a talk on photography. At 1st i was a biz lazy to there since it is about photography and it is not my thing. but still, i have to go there. deep down inside, i am a bit interested with this talk.


at 1st i thought nobody would come to this talk, but then….


there were hundreds of people and there is not any seats left. so i have to stand all the way till the talks over.

i got the chance to see how UKM was in the 90s. How they process the film for the photography and etc. All in all it was a great experience and will be a good additional knowledge for me.

GGGE2153 Educational Technology reflection week 14

Assalamualaikum and hye

so today, we were thinking about doing a poster. we do not know on what to do. dont have any idea. but still, here is our 1st try for our poster.


but of course, Dr. Rosseni did comment because there are some flaws here and there and we try to fix it as best as we could.Also, we still did som improvement for our video based on Dr. Rosseni’s comment.

here are among dr’s comment for us.


here is the comment for our posters

komen 2

and here is the comment for our previous video

komen 3

Although it is almost the 4th time we edit our video. we still edit it because we know that Dr. wants the best for our marks. and im willing to do anything to please Dr.

P_20150101_203038nothing but the best from me to u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 12 Reflection GE2153 Educational Technology

A week pass, we take a deep thought and think on what to improve regarding our videos. There is still lot of works to be done. Lots more to make it perfect. And also, we did some retake to make our shot perfect and all. Hoping for the best result. With the help from my team mates, we manage to get most of the shot done in no time. They are really dependable.

Some of the shot that we shoot are the fighting scene, the ending and the part where Amirul is about to change. Yes, we do have some hard time to suits ourselves with a DSLR that was borrowed from our friend, faiz. We needed to learn on how to make the scene blur, how to take a wide shot and all. it was really hard, but worth it since we can create bond between us here, also we can polish our talents here,

So….. here it is!!!!!!! our new and improved version of taubat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reflection Week 11 GE2153 Educational Technology

This is D-day!!!! The day that we have been waiting for, our 1st draft of the video that needs to be shown, I must admit our video sucks, this is because we do not have enough time to finish it. But of course, the 1st draft is not the best, Am glad to see most of my classmates only show their trailer of the video. But that was not what Dr wants, Dr want the real video. So that she can comment on what we should improve, So yeah, i did the right thing but i suck. But still, there is still time for us to improve! So, here you go… our 1st draft that still needs thousand of repair and improvement,

week 10 reflection GE2153 Educational Technology


le us no havin kelas! *purposely type like that to sound funny*

though we dont have class, that does not mean that it is a license for us to not do anythin!


What we dii was we edit our videos.. It was a really hard work but it paid off! So hear is some snap shot on our video! Tadaaa!!!

1 2 3

So here is some of the scene that we make in our videos! Wait for the full video!